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AC Capacitor

AC Capacitors manufacturer in India

AC Capacitors

CEIBA Capacitors are leading in the world of capacitors by manufacturing a wide array of capacitors. Every electrical component plays an important role in its functioning and capacitor does the same. This small canister shape component is used for operating air conditioners and is high in demand. We are an ISO approved AC Capacitor manufacturer in India supplying highly efficient AC capacitors to all our customers.

Range 5 Mfd to 65 Mfd & Dual Rating 25+2 - 65+5 Tolerance ±5%
Rated Voltage 440VAC Between Terminals 2x Rated Voltage
Between Body & Terminals 2000 VAC Temperature Range -25°C to 85°C

For the maintaining the voltage constantly in an air conditioners, AC capacitors are a must. Our experts understand this pretty well and manufacture capacitors keeping all the specifications in mind. We at CEIBA Capacitors design all types of air conditioning capacitors including start capacitor and run capacitor. For a constant voltage supply, our AC capacitors are best to go with. We have skilled engineers who are well versed in manufacturing AC capacitors. Being an AC Capacitor manufacturer in India since 2018, we have gained great expertise in it. We are well aware of the technicalities associated with capacitors and we incorporate all of it to ensure that our capacitors work well in the air conditioners. Our capacitors are compatible with all types of air conditioners. This has made us one of the most preferred brand for buying capacitors.

With our aim to become the best AC Capacitor manufacturer in India, we are manufacturing them in bulk. It helps us fulfil the large requirements of AC Capacitors with ease. At present, we are supplying AC capacitors to multiple big and small brands. From the material of the winding and core to the quality of the capacitor cap or can, we take care of all. We have both small and big capacitors available to meet the multiple requirements with ease. The excellent insulation and low capacitance features of our capacitors is what makes them best in the market. CEIBA Capacitors supply superior quality capacitors at most affordable prices. We have sturdy capacitors that last more than 10 to 15 years. We ensure that every unit of capacitor delivered by us gets tested before its final delivery. To help our clients choose the right AC Capacitor according to their requirement, we have our team of professionals always available to help.


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