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CEIBA Capacitors are one of the renowned capacitor manufacturer in India. Capacitors are considered as power house of many electronic appliances. They are helpful in powering the devices or motors to make appliances work effectively. Though different appliance require different types of capacitors and we have most of them including dry fan capacitor. All our capacitors are equipped with latest technology making them function properly.

Capacitors for fans 1 MFD TO 4 MFD Capacitors Tolerance ±5%
Rated Voltage 440VAC Frequency 50 Hz
Temperature Range 0'C to 85'C Between Body & Terminals 2000 VAC

These capacitors are specifically designed for dry fans only considering its functioning and heat. We use excellent quality components that make our capacitors work for long term. CEIBA Capacitors is known for supplying high insulation resistance capacitors. We are certified by some of the renowned organizations including ISO due to the performance offered by our capacitors. They are of different voltage ratings and depending on the type of the dry fan, one can choose it accordingly. We are a top capacitor manufacturer, supplier in India, producing dry fan capacitors in bulk.

Our capacitors last for more than 10 years. They are perfect to use for both domestic and industrial dry fans. All the capacitors supplied by us are easy to install. They come in different sizes depending on their requirement. We at CEIBA Capacitors manufacture capacitor cans using different materials including aluminium and plastic. They have relatively lower dissipation factor and there will be no loss of capacitance despite using them for several years. We understand how crucial these capacitors are for the functioning of dry fans and that is why we focus on every industrial standard while designing and fabricating. For ensuring proper safety, all the capacitors are sealed well. Our quality analysts take complete responsibility and test every dry fan capacitor before its delivery. We are there to supply these capacitors at budget friendly prices to fulfil the need of both small and large scale industries.


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