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PFC Capacitor

PFC Capacitor manufacturer in India

PFC Capacitor

CEIBA Capacitors are known for manufacturing highly reliable quality PFC Capacitors in India. PFC or Power Factor capacitors are used in several applications these days. As a top PFC Capacitor manufacturer in India, we supply them to several industrial units, data centers, telecommunication centers, power distribution units, and electronics industries. We are dealing into capacitors since 2018 and now have become expert in manufacturing these.

Range 5 Mfd to 65 Mfd & Dual Rating 25+2 - 65+5 Tolerance ±5%
Rated Voltage 440VAC Between Terminals 2x Rated Voltage
Between Body & Terminals 2000 VAC Temperature Range -25°C to 85°C

CEIBA Capacitors is an ISO approved brand for manufacturing and distributing capacitors worldwide. To maintain our brand at the top position we are continuously improving our manufacturing facilities by equipping them with hi-tech machineries and equipment. We are the bulk PFC Capacitor manufacturer in India supplying these to several industrial and commercial clients. From the built of the capacitors to its pricing, we excel in all in the market. Our engineers design them precisely to maintain proper structural integrity. All the PFC capacitors supplied by us are helpful in reducing the energy loss by enhancing the overall power factor. They are designed to ensure that they offer best performance in different types of devices. We have PFC capacitors of multiple voltage rating available with us.

At CEIBA Capacitors one can find all types of PFC Capacitors as well as other capacitors including fan capacitor, oil capacitor, air conditioner capacitor, washing machine capacitor, motor capacitor and many more. All our capacitors come with warranty and are highly durable for long lasting use. Right from the capacitor element to the internal fusing, electrodes material to dielectric material, we source them all from best and certified places. We do understand that capacitors are critical components and that is why quality is a must when manufacturing them. As a renowned PFC Capacitor manufacturer in India, we always test the capacitor before the final supply. All the power factor capacitors are produced by adhering to the industrial standards and guidelines to make them work effectively. Our experts are always available to assist one in buying the right capacitor for their requirement and according to the device they require it for.


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